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    this interview. Tell me why you have tracked me here? What is it you require?" "The fact is, Mr. Kenyon,—you'll excuse my dropping the name

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    of Crandall,—I want some money." "A month since I paid, through my agent, your last quarterly bill. No more money will be due you till the

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    1st of December." "I want a thousand dollars," said the visitor quietly. "What!" ejaculated Kenyon. "I want a thousand dollars before I

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leave Brentville." "You won't get it from me!" "Consider a moment, Mr. Crandall,—I mean Mr. Kenyon,—the result of my publishing this se

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cret of yours. I understand that your wife's property, which you wrongfully hold, amounts to a quarter of a


million of dollars. If all were known, your step-son Oliver and his mother would step into it, and you would

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be left out in the cold. Disagreeable, very! Can't you introduce me to Oliver?" Mr. Kenyon's face was a

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study. He was like a fly in the meshes of a spider, absolutely helpless. "If I give you a check," he said

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